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Mark Heffernan

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Denise Robinson Mark , the Bramley side is on my father's mother's side.
( Violet) I have her family bible.I dont know much about her husbands side ( my grandfather Douglas Robinson)
vor 2 Jahren
Peter Aickin Peter Aickin
vor 2 Jahren
Bernadette Gray-Dee Hi Mark
I see that we are related from the O'Leary cousin relationship of hte McGrails intermarriage.I and my husband Robert are really into Family History and would love to share what we can with you.
vor einem Jahr
Henry Laws Hi Mark. Henry here on holidays in Napier, the Whiteman family is very large in numbers, you will also find missed matched names, which don't connect at the time, like one girl maiden name was Mother (2nd wife) first wife was Sydney, to the same Whiteman, my wife's grandmother was a Whiteman, Emily Violet, married to Arthur J Lawler
vor einem Jahr
Jill Abercrombie Hi Mark, Just as a matter of interest, I see that Bdm has actually got George Philip Hunter as born in 1903, and Jean Grace in 1907 but has Emily & William as being married in 1908, just wonder if that is meant to be 1903

Jill Walker (Abercrombie)
vor einem Jahr
Mark Heffernan Yes I have come to the same conclusion. I will send an email off to BDM, they may be able to verify a misread of 3 for 8.
Another point of interest is that Find a Grave has Emily buried with first husband Peter Apel.

vor einem Jahr
Geoff Nairn Hi Mark. Roy Nairn was my father - I am interested to see how he fits in your Family Tree. Regards, Geoff Nairn
vor 282 Tagen
Gillian Malfroy Am interested in how you fit into the Malfroy Family Tree
vor 138 Tagen
Joan crough Hi Mark My Mothers Mother was a Woollett from England who died giving birth to my mothers sister she was only around 25 years of age
Regards Joan
vor 108 Tagen