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Beigetreten am:16. Februar 2006 (vor 9 Jahren)
Genealogische Familiennamen, die ich suche:Seagrave / Belfrage
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Richard Todd It looks as though we have a match with Henry Astor 1797
Hope to hear from you sometime
Richard Todd
vor 6 Jahren
Bill Hello Rich ,
I show that Henry Astor , b. 1797 d. 1799 at the age of two years old . Would this be the Henry Astor whom you refer to ?? Thank's for writing , Bill Delker ...
vor 6 Jahren
scott peck Bill, What is your connection the at Artie Leroy Peck family. I garnered much information that I didnt have from you site. Thanks, Scott Peck
vor 6 Jahren
Bill Hello Scott ,
As you might expect , your Peck family marries into ,
( several generations before Artie L. Peck and rather indirectly ) , to my mom's family . Thank's , Bill Delker ...
vor 6 Jahren
Tania crowther hello bill
I would like to know how you are related to the gyllenhammar name in sweden.
my name is tania and i´m related to them as well but as you can probebly see in my tree, i have just started to surce for my relatives, i´m related to gyllenhammar on my mother side and i have to relations from gyllenhammar that married and had a daugther -- my great grandmother
best regards tania
vor 6 Jahren
Bill Hello Tania ,
I'm happy to hear from you , and in regard to your question about my relationship to the ' Gyllenhammar '
family , well , Marta Gyllenhammar , b. 1677 married her
husband , Carl Gyllensvard in 1694 , and he is my 2 nd cousin on my mom's side . I descend from Erik XIV and his father Gustav I - King of Sweden . Thank's , let me know if you'd like more info . Bill Delker ...
vor 6 Jahren
Bill Hi Beth ,
This appears to be yet another case of cousin of a cousin situation , and distant cousins often times send me their family tree data which I incorperate into my master file and this appears to be the case with this person . However , when you ask a very vague question like how I'm related , well , interestingly enough , science has proven that we are all just a few degrees away from one another in todays times , and furthermore , we all share a commonuity with all living things on Earth , and our last common ancestor might have been several millions years ago , but we all , ( again based on DNA ) , share a ' LUCA ' ( Last
Unknown Common Ancestor ) . And with humans , our ancestors survived the last ice age 10,000 years ago in three ' ice free ' havens in Europe . This is based on language studies done about 5 - 6 years ago and our present European languages all descend from those three groups of hardy survivors in those same three ' ice free ' havens , ( in Spain , in Hungary , and I believe Ukraine ) , so all modern Europeans are all
distant cousins based on those same studies . That's certainly something to think about the next time you're stuck - in traffic and some joker cuts you - off . Just smile and wave and say ' have a nice day , cousin '... believe me , it works everytime !!
Bill Delker ...
vor 5 Jahren
James Clifford i want to know where we are related. you have my mothers families information and im trying to research this, but i cant find on your tree where we are connected.
vor 5 Jahren
Bill Hello Jim ,
First - off , a question , you're new to genealogy , correct ?? Send - off , a helpful hint , just because someone has you or your lineage listed on their tree data bank , does not mean you'll find a close or direct link , think cousin of a cousin , O.K. ?? Third - off , I have over 135 , 000 individuals listed and if I just listed my direct lines , well , let's put it this way , you and I wouldn't be having this short e - mail discussion , O.K. ?? Besides , I've been doing genealogical research about as long as you've been alive so trust me , this is the real deal . Now also , this tree on this page hasn't been updated for several months , but a more updated version is at : . Thank's , Bill Delker ...
vor 5 Jahren
Unbekannt We both have Richard Fairbanks and Daulton as very distant relatives. for me they are very distant Great Grandparents. They had a daughter named Constance
Fairbanks, who married Sammual Mattocks, Mattocks is my mother's Maiden name.
-Michelle Murray
vor 5 Jahren
Sheila Lowery I am Dovie Edward Lowery's daughter what is your relations to this family.
vor 4 Jahren
Teri Moncelle-Colglazier Hi Mr. Delker,

What is your relation to the Anthony / Abernathy family?

You have my children (and their father) on your tree, but quite a bit of the information appears to be wrong.

As a fellow genealogist I am sure you recognize the necessity of having the correct information especially as so many folks these days tend to copy trees verbatim rather than verifying the information themselves.

Please contact me at


Teri Moncelle Colglazier
vor 4 Jahren
Darcy Hess I am Darcy Hess Dickson and was wondering how you are related to my dad Earl Jay Hess?
vor 4 Jahren