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V alerie Nicholas

Beigetreten am:1. Januar 2008 (vor 7 Jahren)
V alerie ist ein aktives Mitglied der Seite Jennings Family Tree Web Site
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Der letzte Besuch war am 2. Oktober 2014 (vor 4 Monaten)

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V alerie Nicholas I am researching all related families, primarily, PLOWDEN, EDEN, GREY, COOKSON, WHICHER, SEALY , ALLEN, ADAMS, MOUNTBATTEN, SPENCER CHURCHILL
vor 3 Jahren
Kathy Bonus Hi Valerie,
I am not sure if Agens and Bert Bonus of Tasmania are relatives or not but it is possible. Bonus is my married name. From the reserach I have done to date, my husband's family is descended from Richard R Bonus who was transported to NSW from the UK in 1836. He later married in Australia and had 8 children (1 son). His son had 9 children (5 sons) and I have not traced all of their descendants yet. Sorry I can't be more helpful! Kathy
vor 2 Jahren
Dennis Castaldo Welcome to Sherwood Forest, and the Band of Merry Men.
There are now some 20,768 residents and counting. Some recent additions include Napoleon Bonaparte, and President Franklin Pierce. That makes 14 Presidents. I had to Impeach Abraham Lincoln, and banish him from Sherwood, along with his relatives. You live and learn, and every day of research brings something new.
Again WELCOME to Valerie Nicholas, look around and have fun.
vor einem Jahr
Robin Wood Hi Val, You are welcome to join and I have now included you in the Conisbee/Coningsby family trees. Delighted you found me and that you remembered our OZ visit to Aunt Jean
vor einem Jahr