Hit a Brick Wall
Personensuche: Deutschland
Mar 3, 2018
Hello, have been trying for a few months to get past these ancestors of mine to go further back, Christian is my great, great, great grandfather and out of all the data I've looked at this Christian Seefeld is only found connected to Dorothea a few times, even their son, my great, great grandfather Johann Carl Friedrich Wilhelm, I can't find the mother of my great grandfather. I know from noticing with many of my ancestors that people died very young, husbands/wives died young and they remarried, some documents even have confused, back to front forenames yet all the other data on them match perfectly so there is a lot of errors that land up possibly looking under the wrong name. Some of my ancestors, the connections I make with others on My Heritage, its same ancestor but I or they have only the middle name so Christian may be a middle name. There seems to be no end to confused data. "Christian" doesn't seem to be a name used through my family tree and I notice that there were Danish Seefelds and it sou
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