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Ernest Ellis Briggs
Edward Briggs
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My father's father was Ernest Ellis Briggs. He was married to Mary Adeline Higgins.

There is an Ernest Ellis Briggs who was the son of Tisdale Briggs, who was a  descendant of Clement Briggs who arrived in Plymouth Colony on the ship "Fortune" which was the next ship to arrive after the Mayflower.

However,  I do not think that this  Ernest Ellis Briggs is my grandfather, even though his father's name was Tendale or Tisdell or Tisdale. The information I have indicates that my grandfather's parents came from New York, not Mass. Also, the book about the descendants of Clement Briggs does not indicate Ernest Ellis Briggs being married to anyone named Mary. Unfortunately the book ends at about this point so it is a little confusing.

If anyone has any information about this, please let me know.

Edward Briggs
Colchester, CT
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