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Robert Sanderson Harris

Beigetreten am:11. Januar 2009 (vor 7 Jahren)
Genealogische Familiennamen, die ich suche:Harris-Sanderson-Turner-Smith-Plantagenet-Tudor-Windsor
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David Ferdinand Begin Dorothy Ingersoll #1 & #2
There are two Dorothy Ingersoll. Big challenge.
#2 born May 20 1854: father and Step mother both died in Westfield, Hampden, Mass.
#2 Dorothy died at 18 years of age in same town.
How? Perhaps of childbirth.
#1 Dorothy was married to Jacob Phelps and had six children. Jacob was married to Dorothy May 2 1673 after demise of #2. Reason all who had Phelps for a spouse were rejected, some 17 matches.
Search of 20 Dorothy on MyHeritage revealed another spouse, Mr. Root.
So if #2 died in childbirth, she was married to a Mr. Root.
As to the parents of #1 big ???, as Dorothy #2 were John George Ingersoll and Dorothy Lord.
vor 2 Jahren
Jeffrey F Knott What information do you have on Job Taylor? I noticed that you rejected the match. My information came from Thanks
vor einem Jahr