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Carl Peter Jonathan Horner

Beigetreten am:13. Februar 2009 (vor 7 Jahren)
Genealogische Familiennamen, die ich suche:Horner, Trower, Phipps, Giddings
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Maj-Britt Pedersen hello :) I dont know if you can see the Larsen side of my tree now. Regards Maj-Britt
vor 4 Jahren
Carl Peter Jonathan Horner Thanks Maj-Britt,
I found I could search your site for the Larsen names I know and read their descendant lines, but still many of the entries retained the 'unknown' mask. I will try again, thank you,
vor 4 Jahren
Gisela Arnfield Gisela Arnfield
Hi Carl
I was very unsure for many years, and spent a lot of time looking and trying to work out why the Kingsmill family would have 2 children who are living with the same name? Frances 1564-1 Jan 1627.
I am still open to having this proven wrong, but so many small things have led me to think that it is true, there is some info on the internet, as well as communication with people. I have seen her name was transcribed in a document as Fraunsis/Frauncis (Croker) which may have been pronounced differently to Frances. Also from the will of her father William Kingsmill, I know that he did not mention her in his will when he died in 1592, unless he was not her father?
It is very complicated to go through all the info that I have had over the years - but I could be wrong.
So it will be good for me to start looking at this line again.
Thank you for your thought
vor 2 Jahren
Carl Peter Jonathan Horner Thanks Gisela,
Here the name Francis (pronounced Frarnsiss) is properly applied to males and Frances (pronounced Frarnseez) to females. I have added a sister Frances 1564-1627 to her brother Francis 1570-1620. The records are full of these interesting puzzles and teasers - enjoy your researches,
vor 2 Jahren
June Middleton Peter. Both your Frederick Melland and mine are the same person for he married twice, first Anne Heap the mother of Helen Keisall and another child and later he married Elizabeth Jane Middleton my great aunt who had about 6 children cousins of my father..
vor 2 Jahren
Carl Peter Jonathan Horner Thanks June that is very helpful,
all good wishes,
vor 2 Jahren
Ron Buckley James Weir is listed as sibling to my Grandmother Sarah (Schofield) Buckley. He is actually a half brother, probably born out of wedlock to Great Grandmother Martha Weir before she married Thomas L. Schofield.
vor 113 Tagen
Ron Buckley I wold be interested in yur references to my grandfather Edward Buckley. I need his date of death. Thanks
vor 113 Tagen