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Jim Andrews

Alter:80 oder mehr
Beigetreten am:26. März 2009 (vor 7 Jahren)
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Thomas Stafford Jim this is a great idea I wll have to come down and you can show me how to do it I can save pictures but I would like to do as you have, Hope you have a great Birthday tomorrow all our love Tom Elaine and family
vor 5 Jahren
Jim Andrews Tom and Elaine,
Thank you for your good wishes and we look forward to your visit. LoveJim
vor 5 Jahren
Werner Baumgart Hallo Jim,

die Eltern von Dorothea Sophiia Maria Schmidt sind
Vater: Michael Franz Jacob Schmidt
Mutter: Dorithea Sophia Maria Düwel
Kinder 8 von 1821 bis 1840 geboren

Herzliche Grüße
vor 4 Jahren
John DeLand I presume you come down from Samuel and Edmond, that line ties to a Alicd Daland (Deland) in 1854
vor 4 Jahren
Jim Andrews Hi John,
Pleased to hear frrom you. Have yet to trace a Deland or Daland and assuming that Sam & Ed are Andrewses I have not (as yet) verified a relationship.but the family association with Wolford is very strong.
Keep in touch as you hav aroused my curiosity. Jm
vor 4 Jahren
June Craft wed Israel I noted your comment about John William Craft. I am not sure that I am related to him either, but I am trying to establish a common relation with descendants who came from Rowan County, NC, USA in the 18th century. I have some 20th century relatives in Australia, who are also not related to the Craft family, but I have never met them. Those are some of the interesting contradictions that develop.
vor 4 Jahren
Jim Andrews Dear June,
I am pleased that you replied promptly.Although we depend on each other for information vie "matches" we tend to remain aloof and anonimous. In addition, antecedents turn up and their relationship is obscure or non existant .When time permits I will examinte the "Craft Tree" in the hope of discovering something of interest for our mutual satisfaction.
Over for now. Jim
vor 4 Jahren
Tommy Meerman Hi Jim
Thank you for the invite as I am only interested in the Meerman & Cragan Family's in Holland & Australia if you have any information I would like to hear from you.
Kind Regards Tommy Meerman
(my email address is
vor 4 Jahren
Stefano Angeletti Dear Jim,
I'm interested in Duranti Valentini family, but it is a very very long branch of a branch of my family...Are you connected with this family, isn't it? best regards, Stefano
vor 4 Jahren
Jim Andrews Dear Stefano,
The connection is some 50 steps via a great-great-grand-mother,Jean Andrews born Crouter.This is the case for most of the "high class"relationships in my tree. Buon auguri, Jim
vor 4 Jahren
Eleanor Plagge I read a few more e-mails and that answered my question.
vor 2 Jahren
Jim Andrews Eleanor! When time permits please end me the details.Interest stimulated. Regards, Jim
vor 2 Jahren
Teresa Michelle Heck Jim, so sorry it took awhile to get back to you. So much to sort out.The Andrews' were a pretty prolific people. Discovering if there are others in the states might help me fill the gap between our European existence, and why and where we are now.. Thanks, Rebecca E. Andrews
vor 2 Jahren
Johannes Pastoor Thank you to invite me but I am only interested in the family's Pastoor and Rennes(se) and I'am goying back in the familyhistory time to -140BC the daddy of Julius Caesar (Born -100BC) and his wife Queen Cleopatra VII (Born -69BC) in Alexandië and died in 30 AC. I have see dat i can totaly back in the history of the family to -940BC. But I stop on this moment, I read my autobiografy and I make a bookstory about Maria Magdalena and Christus the macho Petrus and the Tartaren. Thanks again best regards John.Pastoor.
vor 2 Jahren
Jim Andrews What a fascinating story you have to tell, John ! Thank you for giving me an insight, Best wishes,Jim
vor 2 Jahren
Johanna Thank You Jim.
vor 2 Jahren
Herman Vogel Hello Mr Andrews. Thanks for your invitation. I hope you make it right. many greetings, Herman Vogel from Holland.
vor 2 Jahren
cristina Rosa Colella Dear Jim and Laurina, I hope you are well, send you a big kiss and embrace for All Family, Love Cristina from Patagonia Argentina, San Martín de los Andes
vor einem Jahr
Jim Andrews Cristina! Absolutely delighted with your message. We love you dearly, think of you often and boast about you frequently to our friends when we tell them about the beautifull San Matrin de los Andes and our adventurous cousin. XXXXXX Jim e Laurina
vor einem Jahr
Erin Bohannon I am sorry to hear of your loss, Jim. I am still dealing with my losses, and I probably will be for a while. But I have recently found some new family ( a second cousin!) and I will be updating my page soon. Best of wishes for the Holiday Season! :D
vor einem Jahr
Eleonore Mathilde de Graaff Thank you for your wishes for Christmas and a good New Year, I hope you also will have pleasant days and good 2015, greetings from Eleonore
vor einem Jahr