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Bob Boone

Beigetreten am:8. Juli 2009 (vor 6 Jahren)
Genealogische Familiennamen, die ich suche:Boone and Mark
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Sidney Wagner Hi, Bob
I live in N.S. and I we could be by the number of matches that we have. Have a good day and keep in touch. Sidney
vor 3 Jahren
John Fortin I am in the Ottawa area and maybe you are related to me through the Bonner's but right now I am doing the Fortin side of my family and you would be on my mothers side.
vor 3 Jahren
Bob Boone I have one Fortin(1917-1995) lived in Bath,
vor 3 Jahren
Nancy If you find any I should add from your tree, can I be a member?
vor 2 Jahren
Elva Lee PECK RUBY JUNE POWERS Was my Aunt My Fathers sister, If you need some help on her let me know Lee Peck
vor 2 Jahren
Roberta Mouheb Hi Bob, My name is Roberta Buckingham Mouheb, and through my maternal great-grandparents I'm a distant relative of Daniel Boone [He's the great uncle of the wife of my first cousin five times removed, through the Coxes and the Prices.] That's a stretch I know, but I'm especially interested in finding my grandson's connection -- His name is Amir Boone, born 27 May 1994 in New Haven, CT. His father, Eric Boone and his grandfather George Boone live in West Haven, CT, but I don't know their birthdates. Is there a way of discovering Amir's connection with "Daniel Morgan Boone Sr."? Our grandson is a sophomore in college and would really like to know, since so many people have heard of Daniel Boone.
vor 2 Jahren
Philip Whitaker Remare For what its worth Bob- I have a fine respect for the good work you do---wishing you well and keep in contact. Cheers as ever, Philip-- PS I think you have helped a lot of people...
vor einem Jahr
Bob Boone Thanks for the visit and the compliment. Part of the pleasure I get from this 'hobby' is helping others to get over hurdles in their trees. When I get stuck on MyHeritage I can often go a couple of steps further back with Ancestry(or visa-versa) and get both sites productive once again. I've made some good friends with which I correspond regularly around the world. Take care Philip.
vor einem Jahr
Paul Lucas Hi Bob,
So our small family in Wales is linked to Canada via South Africa in the 1850's. My great, great grandfather moved to Pembrokeshire in Wales from Surrey whilst his brother Richard emigrated to South Africa and settled with a large family. Hope you are coping well with the current snow storms.
vor einem Jahr
Bob Boone Hello Paul, thanks for this message. Did you connect to my tree through your great(2) grand uncle Richard in South Africa. I've been busy trying to discover the connection so that I can add you and your line to my site.

We're experiencing another snow storm right now with high winds causing drifting. The crazy thing is were expecting +10-+12 degrees C on the weekend.
Bob Boone
vor einem Jahr
Paul Crozier Hi Bob,
My Dad Max was adopted in 1919 by Margaret Crozier. Her maiden name was Blackwell and her Father's name was William Blackwell born in 1842 in Cobden, Ontario. What is your connection to the Blackwell clan?
Paul Crozier
vor einem Jahr
Bob Boone Paul: I'm very confused. Your first message to me was as 'Paul Lucas'. This one is as Paul Crozier??? I have you in my tree now as Paul Lucas; your father as Stanley Knight Lucas and we are connected through Richard Lucas' wife. The info you've just imparted is not mentioned in your tree. The connection so far is solid but quite distant(70 steps). It's possible it could be shortened considerably with the Crosiers or Blackwells. Can you add more detail to your last message? Bob Boone
vor einem Jahr
S.R. Nason Related Everett Boone. Grandmother was a Boone. S.R. Nason New Brunswick Canada.
vor 140 Tagen
Beth slaughter I am the great granddaughter of Ora Diar and was wondering how you fit into the family? Would be nice to locate all my realities
vor 116 Tagen
Beth slaughter Sorry spelled the last name wrong. My grandfather is Henry Albert slaughter
vor 116 Tagen