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Sheryl Joy Sharp (Barwick)

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Ian Foster Your James Hayden was the great great (great?)grandfather of my wife, down through Fanny Hayden's sister, Mary Ann Hayden. I am also interested in your husband's Sharp ancestry as my grandmother, originally from up around Longwood/Euroa, was a Sharp and there are 100s of them.
vor 5 Jahren
Jeanette Lee Hello Ian, have not a lot to do with the Haydens in my tree. Longwood/Euroa I dont have much. Doing Mums side and I will see what turns up. Cheers Jeanette
vor 4 Jahren
Jeanette Lee Hello Sheryl, Do you know any thing about the Hicky's Mary Eileen or Eileen Marys parents?? Not sure yet if Freds wife is either way, her grave says Mary Eileen!!! Dad says everyone called her Eileen. Cheers Jeanette.
vor 4 Jahren