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Marie-Louise Nielsen

Beigetreten am:6. November 2009 (vor 6 Jahren)
Genealogische Familiennamen, die ich suche:Nielsen

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Nielsen Web SiteWebmaster, seit 6. Nov. 2009
Jennifer Värjö Hello, my name is Jennifer. My grandmas mother Rigmor was sister to Emil Benoni Nielsen. I live in Dalarö, Sweden and am 35 years old. How are you related to Emil?
Best wishes, Jennifer
vor 6 Jahren
Jennifer Värjö Hi,
sorry for the late reply.
It might be the same Emil. He has son named Kaj. Emil had four sisters of which Rigmor is my fathers grandmother. The other sisters are Else, Vera, Mary. Emil lived in Nakskov, Denmark.
Also, we know that Kaj moved to South Africa.
Best, Jennifer
vor 6 Jahren
Jennifer Värjö Hello again,
my father Jens got excited about this. He has done some family research which he wanted to share with you.

We start with Emil's father Laurits Benoni Nielsen who was born in Copenhagen 20th of April 1866. In 1888 he came to Nakskov as a barbers apprentice. The 20th of May he married Hansine Christine Rasmusen, born 31st of December 1865 in Nakskov, at S:t Nicolai Church in Nakskov.
The got five children:
Emil, born the 14th of February 1892
Else, born the 28th of March 1893
Rigmor, born the 11th of January 1895
Vera, born the 13th of October 1897
Mary, born the 28th of March 1899
All were born in Nakskov and got the family name Benoni Nielsen.

In 1908 Laurits bought a restaurant/Inn on the address Axeltorget 15. He sold it 1916 and bought a dance palace called Bristol at Vejlegade 1, which he sold to Emil 1924.
Emil ran several restaurants, for example Backen outside Copenhagen and also Hotell Helsingør.

Some of Kajs cousins is alive today, amongst them Else's child Leif Sort who lives in Aarhus, Denmark.

My father's mother Vibeke, daughter of Rigmor, died in 1968, when my father Jens Carlsson and his sister Lillemor Listam were teenagers. The family lived at the island Ornö in the Stockholm archipelago outside Dalarö.
Vibeke's sister Lilian died 2009. They were your father's cousins.

My father Jens Carlsson lives in Dalarö, 40 kilometres south east of Stockholm, Sweden and runs a passenger boat traffic.

I am 35 years old and grew up in Dalarö where I live with my husband Daniel Värjö. We got married in August. I'm working with horses as a dressage trainer.

What do you do?
My father also wants to know about your father's life.

Best wishes, Jennifer
vor 6 Jahren
Marie-Louise Nielsen this is such fun :)

I know very little about My fathers side of the famlie other than a few storys told around the dinnertable.

I have a post card from Emil from 1908 he would have been 16. he whent to the United States. I did have a record of his jurney were he obviouslie lied about his age. I know that he worked for a gunpowder factory delivering food by hourse carige. not sure when he returned to Denmark though. he had two children with his first wife Inger, Kai (my Father) and a doughter who died. My dad would never tell me about her! After Inger passed away Emil remarried Karen.
Kai Nielsen
1st July 1938 - 16 June 2008
married Monique Ingwes in 1967 and had Me,
Marie-Louise Nielsen
11 march 1970 born Frederiksberg
My Father carryed on the tradition of Restaurants and nightclubs, Most notably a Night Club known as 'Klub 10' in Copenhagen.
he devorced my Mother in 1973 ( I stayed with my Father)
he bought Mølle kroen in Gilleleje, 'Dronningmølle',
which Is were he met Irene, They were married just befor they imigrated to South Africa in 1975, Irene had a doughter Jeanette who became my sister. Irene and Kai were both very accumplished sheffs so they worked in the food industry in south africa for a larg hotel chane until they bought there own restaurant in Johannesburg in 1976 called 'Three Vikings restaurant' we then moved to the coast were they bought a hotel in a unknown village 'Ramsgate' there was us and a hole lot of monkies :) we later moved to Cape Town yet another restaurant which went baddly... So in order to servive my mother pulled out a knitting machine which she had draged around the world and started making Norwigen style heavy jerseys.. It was a hit and is what we have been doing since then! it's a bit of a family joke that we sell jerseys in Africa.. I now run the company togeather with Irene it's called Scandinavian Knitwear.

oh they had a son in 1989, 21 dec Peter Emil Nielsen.. He is ingaged and running a film company in Nigeria.

Do you know were the Binoni came from it seems Italian?

Marie-Louise Nielsen
vor 6 Jahren
Greta Bækgaard hej Jennifer
I don't think we where family.
I don't know the names you write about. sorry
best regards Greta
vor 6 Jahren