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Denise Miller

Beigetreten am:6. Februar 2010 (vor 6 Jahren)
Genealogische Familiennamen, die ich suche:Miller, Clifford, Mitchell, Cooper, Farr, Campbell, Stanley, Duggan
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Judy des Jardins Hi Denise, Just wondering how we are related if indeed we are. We have Catherine Amelia Frances FRANCIS in our trees. We have a smart match.
vor 5 Jahren
Unbekannt OK -CAF Francis's sister Ellen marries Samuel Meharg. His sister Agnes marries Patrick Caton. His first cousin is Catherine Caton (her father is Robert). Catherine's husband is Roderick Flint. His father is my GGGrandfather Robert Smith Flint.

Can you follow that? :-)

vor 5 Jahren
christine E Fisher (Locking) dad adopted Denis , what relation are you to William Morris Auchter?
christine fisher
vor 5 Jahren
Unbekannt William Morris Auchter (1875 - 1950)
married Emily Sophia Wedmaier
Her brother's (Charles Frederick) son was George Victor Wedmaier (1903-1979)
His daughter is Joan Wedmaier (1926). She is the mother of Jillian Joy Hyne. Jill is married to my brother Owen Clifford
vor 5 Jahren
christine E Fisher (Locking) dad adopted So you're my third cousin or round about? How complicated.
William Auchter b5 Mar 1875 was my great uncle, brother of Emma Auchter b 13 Oct 1867 (my great grandmother on mums side). William Auchter married Ottilie emilie Hann 1909. Do you follow this? Denise where are you located?
vor 5 Jahren
christine E Fisher (Locking) dad adopted William Morris Auchter was my great uncle and it looks like he has married twice. Interesting. He married Ottillie Emile Hahn in 8 Sept 1908 Qld.

vor 5 Jahren
catharine collins Denise, Where do you come in the Coss/Mould line? Cathy
vor 4 Jahren
Marilyn Marks Hi, just wondering how you are related to the Yarrick Family of Fremantle. M Marks
vor 4 Jahren
Mal Cockburn Hi Denise, Matthew James Everingham (Scarborough, First Fleet, 26 Jan 1788) and Elizabeth Rimes (Neptune, Second Fleet), of your family tree, are also my relations, nine steps removed. Matthew was the brother of Sarah Elizabeth, who was the mother of Sarah Ann, who was the mother of Ann Matilda, who married George, the brother of John, who was Rohan Roland's father. Rohan Roland was of course my maternal grandmother's father.

Allen Maunder, of Sydney, writes: "People from overseas express surprise that we Australians may show a small hint of First Fleeters pride when we mention that we are descended from convicts who were transported to our shore. They don't realise that we are descendants of people who arrived on the very first possible day of European settlement in Australia.

"As for the "convict" label, most were sent here for a term of seven years (some for fourteen years or, occasionally, a life sentence) for stealing a few spoons, a couple of silk handkerchiefs - shocking offences! Matthew James Everingham appeared in London's Old Bailey court in July 1784, aged fourteen or fifteen. Crimes don't come much worse than that committed by Matthew - he stole two law books and tried to pawn them.

"Judge Rose passed a withering glance in Matthew's direction and asked the reason for the theft. Matthew's answer was rather simple: "I was in great distress, sir..."

""Guilty!" The sentence: Seven years banishment with hard labour to Botany Bay (Sydney NSW). Horrified, the bookshop owner who had Matthew arrested tried unsuccessfully to have the sentence reduced. After Matthew had been transported to Botany Bay, New South Wales, the shopowner started corresponding with Matthew, who was one of only four or five convicts, of a total of over 800 souls, who could read and write.

"By the time he had been in New South Wales for a year or two, Matthew was writing back to England: "Every day I thank God that I have been transported from England".

"Knowing that conditions in New South Wales were as primitive as they could possibly be - in a penal colony with daily floggings, starvation, being attacked by natives - we can only guess at how bad things must have been back in Merry England - "Every day I thank God that I have been transported from England"."

Cheers, Mal.
vor 4 Jahren
Kay Alice Tattersall Hello Denise, I am a direct decendant of William Stubbs and Sarah Wingate. Second Fleet, One of the founders of the Ebeneezer Church. Are we connected and if we are, what line is Charlotte and Emily Stubbs?
vor 4 Jahren
Unbekannt Hi Kay,
Keturah Stubbs is my connection (although she is 12 steps out from me). Her daughter Sarah Everingham married Alfred Cotten and their grand daughter Amy Cotten married George Carroll. His uncle, Patrick Carroll married Margaret McDonald and she was the sister of my GG Grandmother - Catherine Mary.
vor 4 Jahren
Robert Hamilton Hi Denise!
Am still wondering how the Trindall family fits into one of your selected family trees. Have quite a bit of info on this family. How much do you need?
vor 4 Jahren
Deborah Norman Hi Denise, I know what you mean by doing alot of work on our tree. I feel like I've done nothing else but stuck to the computer when I come home from work. These smart matches come in so fast, I can't keep up with them. Thanks for all your help and happy hunting. Debbie x
vor 4 Jahren
Sean Duggan Hi Denise

Nice work .. My Father is Nicholas Francis Duggan the son of Nicholas Francis Duggan who features on your tree died in 1952. Not sure how it all fits together . Is there still a Miller Duggan family reunion ?


vor 3 Jahren
Helen Badger Hi Denise....I've already sent you a message....but I'm so excited. I'm Rosemay Galea's half sister and have been looking for some connection with her only nieces and nephews. I treasure that picture on this site of Rosemary, as I have never had one. I have never seen that picture of my Dad before either.....thank if I could just connect with her children....amazing how as we get older, the blood connections come into focus and assume such importance. You must be related to Rosemary's mum........Rosemary adored mum was.....let's just say....not ....well.......I'm sure she tried her best....but we all suffered under her control.
vor 3 Jahren
Marlene Readman Hi have you photos of Cummings or Donnelly families.marli
vor 3 Jahren
de Maddin Hi Denise, we arent' related, are we? I could not find a relationship between our Franzius of Germany nor of the Australian/New Zealand Francis clans. Or do you know more?
vor 3 Jahren
Liam Hi Denise-Sorry that I can't be of assistance as the information you sent does not match.
vor 2 Jahren
margaret evans Hi Denise. I am pretty sure Sarah Bowles was the Sarah Bachlear who signed my family bible in 1778 June 1st. I have the family tree since this in the book as well as photos of the graves since her son bap. Thomas 1770. I would be interested in where you got the date of her death of 1778 from? I have her down as being born in Burlesdon 1727 which makes it possible for her to still be giving birth in 1756!!! You can contact me viw this website. Best wishes, Margaret Evans
vor 316 Tagen