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Patricia Green

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Carol Cooper how are we connected?
vor 2 Jahren
Patricia Green Hi Carol, the connection is Edward Cutler who married Annette Maffey, the daughter of Mary Maffey nee Parrott.
Mary Parrott nee Soffe was the daughter of Jeremiah Soffe. This is a rather remote connection to my Krammer family tree, by marriage 13 steps.
vor 2 Jahren
John Pluck how are we connected
vor 2 Jahren
Patricia Green John, if you send me your email address I will send you a report showing the connection. I am a Scotcher descendent.
vor 2 Jahren
Gary Connell Hello Patricia, sorry for the delay in reply,computer faults the problem, now fixed. I,m very happy to join thank you. Cheers , Gary
vor 2 Jahren
John Lester WATERS Thanks Patricia for the leads, connecting my missing links is over. My wife and I will keep our site separate and wont be joining others. Cheers John Lester Waters
vor 2 Jahren
Daphne Sheppard Hi Patricia, Just letting you know Elizabeth Broomfield's middle name was Emily. She was my Great grandmother known as Lizzie. She was my Mum Margery's Grand mother on her Mum's side of the family. I am named after my Grandmothers with Rose Emily being my middle names. So how are you connected to the Ball & Broomfield Families? Thanks Daphne
vor einem Jahr
Patricia Green Thanks for the information Daphne, my connection with the Broomfield family is rather remote In 1797 Wm. Broomfield married Frances (Fanny) Purkis, and I am related through this side of the family. Patricia
vor einem Jahr