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Bente & Flemming Hansen

Beigetreten am:10. Februar 2012 (vor 4 Jahren)

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Delmar Olson I invited you to my site- can you tell me where in the family tree you fit in ?
vor 4 Jahren
Bente & Flemming Hansen Hey Delmer Olsen.
Ebba Jacobsen is my Grandmother,and Niels Olsen is my great-Grandfather.But where do you fit in??
Love Bente Hansen
vor 4 Jahren
Delmar Olson Peder Olsen is my Great grandfather- it is by his second wife that I am related- you are from his first wife Else Marie Henriksdatter side.. How are you related to Diane Glargard ? I have been corresponding with her. Regards, Del
vor 4 Jahren
Bente & Flemming Hansen To tell you the truth.I'm not sure i'm relatet to her at all,but i'm trying to find out.Regards Bente Hansen
vor 4 Jahren
Brigit gjerstrup Robertha Ingeborg Elisabeth Sell gift med Alfred Emil Petersen, er mine oldeforældre, hvor ligger dit slægtskab hos Robertha min oldemor
vor 3 Jahren