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Laura Fielding Hello! I just saw that you have Carl Cox Fielding in your genealogy site 'My Camp Family' and I am curious how you are related to him. He's my paternal grandfather and I'm curious to see where the connections in my family lay. :)
vor 7 Jahren
Anita Long Did a SmartMatch which revealed that you are connected to Gorman J. Long and Jeanette Carsner who are my grandparents on my paternal side. My dad's name is Ivan Dale Long. So how are you related to my grandparents?
vor 7 Jahren
Nancy Lee Hendricks I note that you have me and my parents on your chart (Nancy Lee Hendricks, Thomas Payne Hendricks, Rachel Whiting). May I know our connection?
vor 7 Jahren
Unbekannt None in India: Nancy Lee Hendricks and my grandson, Trevor Joseph Camp are 5th cousins 2 times removed. Their common ancestors are Sylvanus Hulet and Mary Lewis.
Howard N Camp (
Lincoln, Nebraska
vor 7 Jahren
Kathryn Vera Vevoda Hello! My name is Katie Vevoda and I am currently researching the Westwood Line. I up to Joseph Westwood Sr who was married to Hannah Smith. I was wondering if you had any information beyond them. Thank you very much!
vor 6 Jahren
Unbekannt My wife (Lynn Keesy Camp) is a descendant of John Hess I (1767-1819). John's Great Grandson Newell E Hess (1900-1980) is also a Great Grandson of Joseph Westwood I and Hannah Smith. I would love to exchange information on your family and ours if you would like to.
Howard N Camp
Lincoln, Nebraska
vor 6 Jahren
emily Marie Wilson I am interested in the Otis connection. The Otis family ties into my Wilson family. via

David Otis 03 June 1743 New London CT -1825 Galway NY
Child Jacob Otis
Child William H. Otis
Child Theodore Allen Otis

He( Theodore) married Lena Albertine Ring (her mother =
Bertha Wilson (Berta Adolfina Johansdotter)-the connection into the Wilson Family genealogy & my book From Boats to Board Feet: The Wilson Family of the Pacific Coast

I inherited a hand written tree and photo of AMerican Otis family and am looking for local people to send a copy to.
Emily Wilson Seattle
vor 5 Jahren
BEVERLY HANCOCK I saw that you had the Fink family in your tree. How are you related to them. email is My name is Beverly Hancock
vor 5 Jahren
Unbekannt Which one? I have over 60 "FINK"s in my database. I will send you my list at your address.

Howard N Camp
Lincoln, Nebraska
vor 5 Jahren