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Darrell L. Carnahan

Beigetreten am:3. Juni 2007 (vor 8 Jahren)
Genealogische Familiennamen, die ich suche:Aker(s), Boles, Brock, Carnahan, Sutton
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varina dickerson hello
my name is Varina Dickerson my mother is Helen j Baker her maiden name is helton i was working on my family tree and we have some names that r the same. my grandfather is Garfield Helton and my grandmother is Georgia Taylor. my mother would like to meet u and talk about ur family tree. my email is if u would like to contact there anyway we can contact u                                      Thanks                                             Varina
vor 8 Jahren
Darrell L. Carnahan hello
I just sent an email to your address in response to your post here to me.
vor 8 Jahren
stephanie ross brock relations
i just started here and i see that all of my siblings are on your list are they family/?my mother was charlotte bryant brock dad milton,let me know...
vor 8 Jahren
Darrell L. Carnahan brock relations
Hi! I'm sure we're related, but to tell you how I'm missing some info. Can you tell me who your grandfaterh Brock (who married Elizabeth Miller) full name is? Also, his parents names? If so, I should be able to complete the connections. My greatgrandmother was Lutisha Brock.
vor 8 Jahren
stephanie ross brock relations
mack brock married elizabeth miller,macks father was monroe mother nellie bird,thats as far as i have worked on brock though i just started a few months ago and mainly working on my mothers side of the family
vor 8 Jahren
Darrell L. Carnahan brock relations
Do you have some dates to go with them? I think I found Mack born 20 Feb 1898, but can't find his parents.
vor 8 Jahren
Vanessa Rosemann Hi!
Hello! I seen my grandmother in your family tree(along with my great grandparents, and great uncles and aunts) My Gran(God rest her soul) is Opal Saylor. My great grandma Delia Skidmore or "Ma'am" as we called her is on there too. My mom is Patsy, Opal's oldest child . I was wondering if you know the name of Grandpa Charlie's mother? i have some very old pics of her. She is 100% Cherokee Indian. My mom and I were curious. She's gonna try to call my Uncle Alva and see if he knows. any info you have will be helpful to me. i cant see your whole tree for some reason, but i'm pretty sure were related, so feel free to contact me if you want. thanks and take care.
vor 7 Jahren
Darrell L. Carnahan Hi!
Hi Vanessa,     Let's see if I can help you. First, I assume you are referring to Charley Saylor's parents. I show them as Hiram Saylor and Susan Brock. I need some help from you. What is Opals husband's name, dates, and who are his parents?Is your mom's name Grassville P Noe?I don't have all the connections, but with what I have now, Opal is/was my fourth cousin twice removed.Nice to hear from you. Let me know about the above and we'll see what else I can help you with.
vor 7 Jahren
Robbie jackson johnson info please
 could you send me some info on the johnson   family if you have any  ,, i am doing som research on  mason johson family ,,, maybe  a gedcom file would be nice thanks  very much  robbie
vor 7 Jahren
Darrell L. Carnahan Are you referring to Mason Johnson b: 1905 married to Chelsia Smith b: abt 1909? Mason the son of David Lawrence Johnson and Aletha Broughton?
vor 7 Jahren
Jack & Mary Canada I have been researching the Brock family and your site has given me several new directions to go. I look forward to the trips. Thanks. Jack
vor 7 Jahren
Darrell L. Carnahan You've very welcome Jack!
vor 7 Jahren
Jessica Mabe Hi, My name is jessica. My great grandfather Glen steele Irvin Married agnus Hearn who is the daughter of joseph White Hearn Who is in your family tree.
vor 7 Jahren
Darrell L. Carnahan Please ignore my previous message. i had not read this one yet. Do you mind sharing the dates of your great grandparnets? And the name and dates of Joseph White Hearn's wife please? My connection "should be thru Mary J Akers". But I don't have it completed yet.
vor 7 Jahren
Shonda Prickett From what I have seen of your tree we are related by marriage. My husband's maternal Great Grandparents were Arthur "Ott" Jordan and Bessie Harrison. I would be happy to give you any info you would like.
vor 7 Jahren
Frank Trent Darrell, I just re read your not on Sara Jane Blevins is.
She married my Uncle William Frank Trent.her mortherwas Frances Elizbeth Ross.
Her Father was Dillion BlevinsShe was born in 1868 and died 1932. the year i was born.
vor 4 Jahren
Darrell L. Carnahan Thanks Frank!
vor 4 Jahren
Helena Hrivňáková Teším sa,že máme spoločných príbuzných.
vor 3 Jahren