Australian Pastoral Directory 1923

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Australian Pastoral Directory 1923. 1923. The Australian Pastoral Directory 1923  list approximately 23,000 stockowners in all States of Australia. There is also a separate index for New South

Wales by Station, a list of prominent stock agents in four states and various statistics and advertisements.The listings for New South Wales and Queensland are in tabular form givingname of Ownername of Stationpostal Addressnumber of Cattlenumber of Sheepseparate indexes of station namesThe listings for Victoria give name,  address and number of sheepThe listings for the other states - South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory give name and address of the stockownersMaps are included forNew South Wales - showing pastures protection districtsQueensland - showing pastoral districts as used in the directoryVictoria -  - showing pastoral districts as used in the directorySAVE and buy the  Australian Pastoral Directories compendium. (including 1913, 1923 and 1925 Australian Pastoral Directories) for a discounted price.




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