Cyclopedia of New South Wales

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Cyclopedia of New South Wales. 1907. The Cyclopedias that were published for most states of Australia around the beginning of the 20th Century are a significant resource of historical and biographical

information on the state concerned - the people, industries, professional, commercial and social institutions and much more.This CD includes facsimile images of the entire 766 page volume of the original 1907 edition. It has hundreds of biographies and nearly 900 photos, mainly of people whose biographies are includedThe following outline of the contents shows the wide scope of this volume.History of N.S.WConstitutional ParliamentaryFederationGeographical and TopographicalTreasuryMintTaxationLandsAgricultureForestryWater Conservation and IrrigationMines and MiningPublic WorksWater SupplyEducationTechnical InstructionUniversityCollegesSchoolsMuseumsLibrariesPost and TelegraphRailways and TramwaysLawCity and Port of SydneyCustomsHarbour TrustNavigationHarbours and LighthousesFisheriesObservatory and MeteorologicalEcclesiasticalArchitecture and EngineeringNaval and MilitaryConsulsLocal GovernmentFire BrigadesPublic CharitiesMedical InstitutionsBankingPastoralInsuranceShipping and ShipbuildingTrade and ManufacturesWine Growers, MerchantsRacing ClubsMerchantsIncludes special sections onNewcastleMaitland Greatly enhanced access to Cyclopedia contentAs with many other products being published under the Archive CD Books project access to the vast amount of information is now greatly enhanced. There is no index in the original volumes, the full text searching on this CDNOW that is all changing. The entire text is now easily searched. And the machine read OCR text has been corrected to ensure 100% of the text can now be searched. To illustrate the value of this, the following number of returns were obtained from searching the two volumes - using the Adobe Reader 6 Search.Sample Search Results Names - Blacket - 52 - Macarthur - 94 - Williams - 58 Places - including interstate and overseas - Albury - 31 - Broken Hill - 49 - Goulburn - 86 - Parramatta - 199 - Melbourne - 262 - Queensland - 209 - London - 459 - England - 528 - Scotland 68 Other - solicitor -  274 - cricket - 54 - dentist - 24 - hotel - 42 - Presbyterian - 51 - railway/s - 395




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