Sydney University Calendar 1887

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Sydney University Calendar 1887. 1887. Old university calendars contain a wealth of information on people associated with the university as well as an insight into the courses of study offered and university

life and culture generally.A sampling of the information on this CD:information on numerous people associated with the University from its foundation in 1850 to 1887 - officers of the university - professors and lecturers - members of the university - graduates - with degrees awarded and year of graduation - undergraduates - those awarded scholarships, exhibitions, bursaries, prizes etc - donors of prizes etc. - lectureships and fellowships - benefactors - private, stained glass windows, portrait and librarycolleges of the university with staff, fellows, undergraduates, endowments and prizeshospitals recognised by the university for study purposescourses - timetables, subjects and details, recommended books, examination subjects and feesvarious reportsexamination papers December 1886 and March 1887 - over 150 pages of detail.If anyone in your family had association with Sydney University from 1850 to 1887 as student, faculty, member or donor then this CD will be of interest.




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