Cyclopedia of South Australia 1907-09

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Cyclopedia of South Australia 1907-09. H. Burgess. 1907, 09. The Cyclopedias that were published for most states of Australia around the beginning of the 20th Century are a vast resource of historical

and biographical information on the state concerned - the people, towns, industries, professional, commercial and social institutions and much more.They include thousands of illustrations, the larger number of these being portraits of those whose biographies are included. These are not just the rich and famous, but include a high percentage of the ordinary citizens in each community.This CD includes facsimile images of the entire two volumes of the original 1907-1909 edition.VOLUME 1642 pages, 600 photographs and 500 biographiesGeneral overview - geography. scenery, climate, geology, paleontology, mineralogy, fauna, flora, aborigines of South Australia - numbers, tribal and social organisation, customs, rite and ceremonies etc. History of South AustraliaLegislature - Commonwealth and stateGovernment, parliament and the legislatureGovernment departmentsLegal and JudicialMen of MarkConsularDefence - Naval and Military Forces in South AustraliaHospitals, medical, asylums, the destitute poorCrown Lands, Immigration and Agriculture - lands, mines roads, fisheries, stock and brands, woods and forests, parks and gardensPublic Works - water supply, railways, tramways, harboursEducational - library, museum and art galleryLocal government - Adelaide, Port Adelaide and various suburban councils and suburban "districts"The South Australian PressBanking, Insurance and FinanceThe Stock Exchange of AdelaideProfessions - architects and surveyors, accountantsCommerce and industryGeneral Index to Biographies in Volume 1VOLUME 21112 pages, nearly 2300 photographs and 2100 biographiesExplorers and explorationThe River MurrayEducational - university, school of mines, collegiate schoolsEcclesiastical - various denominations and undenominational organisationsPhilanthropic institutionsIndustry - agriculture, pastoral, horticulture, viticulture, secondary rural industries, miningMedical, dental, pharmaceuticalFreemasonry, friendly societiesScientific, literary and other associationsPolitical organisationsSporting and recreationMusic and dramaHealth resortsAdelaide tramways, fire brigadesMarkets,ShippingLand agents and auctioneersCommerce and industryStock and station agentsGeneralCOUNTRY TOWNS - by region and town - occupying the major part of this volume The Northern TerritoryBroken Hill New South WalesGeneral Index to Biographies in Volume 1Greatly enhanced access to Cyclopedia contentAs with many other products being published under the Archive CD Books project access to the vast amount of information is now greatly enhanced The indexing of the original volumes and their general arrangement still give only limited references to the many people, places and subjects that are largely hidden in the extensive text. NOW that is all changing. The entire text is now easily searched. And the machine read OCR text has been corrected to ensure 100% of the text can now be searched.




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