Gazetteer of the State of New Hampshire (Farmer and Moore)

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Gazetteer of the State of New Hampshire (Farmer and Moore). John Farmer and Jacob B. Moore. (1823) 2007. This very early gazetteer of New Hampshire offers many references for researchers of the area. The preface provides a thorough description of its contents in three parts, as follows:I. A general view of the State of New-Hampshire, comprehending the boundaries and area ; divisions; face of the country; soil and productions ; climate ; health and longevity ; mountains ; lakes and rivers ; canals ; turnpikes and bridges; geology and mineralogy ; government and laws ; revenue and expenses ; militia; population ; manufactures and commerce ; literary institutions; education ; manners and customs ; religion ; societies ; banks ; statehouse ; penitentiary; curiosities ; Indians, and history.II. A general view of the Counties, topographical and historical ; with statistical tables, exhibiting the number of meeting-houses, school-houses, taverns, stores, mills, factories, &c, in each.III.... A general description of Towns, and of all the mountains, lakes, ponds, rivers, &c, comprehending 1.

A concise description of the several towns in the Slate, in relation to their boundaries, divisions, mountains, lakes, ponds, &c. 2. The early history of each town ; names of the first settlers, and what were their hardships and adventures ; instances of longevity, or of great mortality ; and short biographical notices of the most distinguished and useful men. 3. A concise notice of the formation of the first churches in the several towns ; the names of those who have been successively ordained as ministers, and the time of their settlement, removal or death. Also, notices of permanent charitable and other institutions, literary societies, &c.Note: This book is also among the 10 volumes in our popular Compendium of New England Gazetteers, which is available at 66% OFF the regular retail price of the individual books if purchased separately.The book also contains a variety of original engravings and a 1823 map of New Hampshire, reproduced here in high resolution.




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