Annals of Pennsylvania from the Discovery of the Delaware

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Annals of Pennsylvania from the Discovery of the Delaware. Samuel Hazard. (1850) 2006. Hazard has compiled an extensive documentary history of the Swedish, Dutch and English settlements on the Delaware

river from the earliest European voyages of discovery in 1609 to the arrival of William Penn in 1682. The records presented here cover parts of Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.The author has incorporated into his narrative transcripts from a wide range of original sources, taken from unpublished manuscripts and from published documentary collections. Documents from England, Holland, Sweden, New York and New England are included, in addition to records from Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.In addition to the material devoted to the broader aspects of constitutional and institutional history, Hazard has also transcribed items from a wide range of sources that provide insight into the affairs of private individuals. He has used private diaries and also the records of the Upland, New Castle and Sussex courts.There are records of early patents of land, along with some birth, death and marriage entries. Also, some deeds and estate papers are abstracted. An appendix lists the earliest grantees of lots in Philadelphia.




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