History of the Second Church, or Old North, in Boston

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History of the Second Church, or Old North, in Boston. Chandler Robbins. (1852) 2007. Robbins has compiled a history of two centuries of the Second Church of Boston, which was founded in 1650, along with a history of the New Brick Church, which merged with the Second Church in 1779.

The author focuses on the ministers of each church, and includes records of admission and baptism.The Second Church in Boston was founded in 1650, as the burgeoning population of the town made the First Church, which had been formed in 1630, inadequate to serve the population. (The church was formed in the North End of Boston, but is not identical with the Old North Church of Revolutionary fame.) As the Boston continued to grow, other Congregational churches were founded, the seventh of which, also located in the North End, was organized about 1719 and acquired the name of the New Brick Church. When the Second Church burned in 1779, that body and the New Brick decided to merge, retaining the name of the older congregation.Chandler Robbins was himself the tenth minister of the Second Church, in a line of clerics that included such prominent men as Increase Mather, Cotton Mather and Ralph Waldo Emerson. Robbins devotes most of the narrative part of the history to an exposition of the lives and deeds of his predecessors in the pulpit.The volume concludes with two substantial appendices, transcribing many important documents for the history of both churches. The largest of these documents is an alphabetic presentation of the surviving admission and baptismal records of the Second Church.




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