History of the Old Town of Derby, Connecticut, 1642 - 1880

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History of the Old Town of Derby, Connecticut, 1642 - 1880. Samuel Orcutt and Ambrose Beardsley. (1880) 2007. Orcutt and Beardsley compiled a comprehensive history of the town of Derby from before its founding to the year 1880, including a lengthy section on the Indians of the region.

They added to the main account a section of biographies and genealogies, as well as material on Derby's daughter towns.After an extensive introductory section on the "Indian History" of the territory that became Derby, the authors cover the history of Derby itself in chapters that are sometimes chronological and sometimes topical, with strong emphasis on the many commercial enterprises initiated in the town. All the subjects discussed are illustrated by verbatim extracts from the town, church or other official records.The authors pay special attention to the several sections of Derby which split off as separate towns, such as Oxford, Seymour and Ansonia. An appendix on the Civil War includes a list of those men who served from Derby, Oxford and Seymour. An additional appendix contains list of town officers and soldiers in the Revolution, as well as inscriptions from the town cemeteries.Sandwiched between these two appendixes are one hundred and seventy pages of biographical sketches of Derby residents and one hundred pages of genealogies of Derby families. Additional biographical sketches are scattered throughout the book in appropriate places.




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