History of Haverhill, Massachusetts, From Its First Settlement in 1640, To the Year 1860

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History of Haverhill, Massachusetts, From Its First Settlement in 1640, To the Year 1860. George Wingate Chase. (1861) 2007. The author covers the first two-hundred-and-twenty years of the history of the town of Haverhill, Massachusetts, using extensive extracts from the town, county and colony records.

Along the way he includes biographical sketches of many of the early settlers, and closes with a genealogical section.Haverhill was established in 1640, at the end of the Great Migration, one of several settlements necessitated by the great increase in Massachusetts population at the end of a decade of heavy immigration. As with the neighboring town of Salisbury, many of the first settlers of Haverhill had earlier resided in Newbury and Ipswich.Most of the volume is arranged as a series of chronological chapters, covering a decade or so of the town's history. Many entries from the town records are used to present the history. In the earliest chapters especially, Chase provided information on the first settlers of the town and on their families, including some probate information.At appropriate places, the author included complete listings of land grants to the settlers, along with some tax lists. Beginning with King Philip's War, the names of Haverhill men who served in the various wars are also included.Because the land granted for the town of Haverhill was at the northern edge of Massachusetts Bay Colony, boundary disputes with New Hampshire developed in the eighteenth century. As a result, much of the area originally granted for Haverhill is now included in various southern New Hampshire towns. The author has included a chapter which makes excellent use of diagrams and maps to explain this truncation of the town.




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