History of Southwest Virginia, 1746 - 1786, Washington County, 1777 - 1870

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History of Southwest Virginia, 1746 - 1786, Washington County, 1777 - 1870. Lewis Preston Summers. (1903) 2006. Summers narrates the early history of southwestern Virginia, concentrating on that part set off as Washington County in 1777.

The narrative is built on a wide range of original sources, along with many biographical sketches, and exhaustive lists of the civil and military service of thousands of men.The author surveys the early exploration and settlement of a wide swath of southwestern Virginia and parts of what became neighboring states. Included in this survey is a detailed discussion of the battles of the French and Indian Wars in this area.He then covers the creation of Botetourt County in 1770, and then the separation of the southwestern part of that county as Fincastle County in 1773. In 1777 Fincastle County was discontinued, and the area it covered was divided into three new counties - Kentucky, Montgomery and Washington. Further subdivision of Washington County resulted in all or part of nine modern counties.Summers made extensive use of court records, diaries, private letters and other original sources. Inasmuch as Summers was an attorney, he paid special attention to the creation of each county, listing the court officers and describing the early sittings of each county court.Following the narrative portion of this volume are a number of biographical sketches of prominent citizens, and then extensive lists of civil and military service. These lists include all the men he could find who served in any military capacity, through the Spanish-American War. On the civil side, he included a wide range of offices, including magistrates, sheriffs, postmasters and many more categories of service.




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