Essay Towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk, Volume 2

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Essay Towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Containing a Description of the Towns, Villages, And Hamlets, With the Foundations of Monasteries, Churches, Chapels, Chantries, And Other Religious Buildings (.).

On spine: History of NorfolkFirst edition published 1739-75. The first 2 vols. and part of v.3 appeared in numbersVols. 6-11 "continued" by Rev. Charles Parkin. Parkin died before completing the work, and it was ultimately finished by some bookseller's hack employed by Whittingham of Lynn. Cf. Dict. nat. biog. Lowndes, v.1, p. 219-220Includes indexes and bibliographical referencesv.1. Diss. Giltcross. Shropham.--v.2. Thetford. Grimeshou. Wayland. Forehoe.--v.3-4. History of Norwich.--v.5. Humble-yard. Depewade. Earsham. Henstede.--v.6. South Greenhow. South Erpingham.--v.7. Gallow and Brothercross. Blofield. Clackclose.--v.8. Clavering. North Erpingham. Eynford. Freebridge.--v.9 Freebridge (concluded). North Greenhow. Happing. Holt. Launditch.--v.10. Launditch (concluded). Loddon. Mitford. Smethdon. Taverham.--v.11. Tunstede. Walsham. West and East Flegg. Great Yarmouth. Indexes




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