Loxtons Medical Directory 1911

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Loxtons Medical Directory 1911. 1911. The Loxton's Medical Directory is similar to Bruck's, but is a lot more comprehensive in many areas, as well as including many extra features unique to this publication. Primarily covering all Australian States, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, you will not only find a listing of all registered doctors, together with their current placement, but also statistics of operations at all major hospitals. It contains information including the following:laws applicable to the medical profession, a directory of medical associations and departments (giving names and addresses), information regarding medical courses and university regulations, ethicsmedical Actsmedical fees, a complete directory of registered doctors, surgeons etc listing their qualifications and past experience obituaries as well as relevant geographical information for the different states, a general gazetteer and local directory for several country towns,lodgesstatistics andlists... of medical periodicalsThe gazetteer in this directory is very extensive, and would enable a doctor to gain a clear picture of what his town of destination would be like, as the major facilities are listed together with the town's population and the climate for various times of the year. The Australasian Medical Directories held by Archive CD Books Australia are available as a compendium at a discounted price. Click here for more details and to order the compendium.




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